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’Journalism is a medium of peace’


Noora Kettunen is a freelance journalist working for both print and broadcast media. Her work has been published in the biggest media houses in Finland such as The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle and Helsingin Sanomat newspaper as well as many other newspapers and magazines.

Giving the voice to minorities and building bridges between people has always been in the core of her work. Kettunen has met atheists in Ghana, albinos in Malawi and Christians in Turkey.

Along with a group of journalists Kettunen has started up Sopiva, an Association for Conciliatory Journalists in autumn 2017. Conciliatory journalism is aimed at building bridges and opening up discussion between people with different opinions. Her ambition and enthusiasm have attracted other professionals to work for the same goal of improving the quality of public debate and coexistence of different world views and lifestyle.

More on conciliatory journalism in our collective’s website  (in Finnish).